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As Cold-formed Steel, we have been building industrial structures since 2006. We produce unique products in the world with all our R&D and P&D studies.

Our company; continues to work with its expert teams in the design, projecting, manufacturing and assembly processes of steel structures. We provide services for industrial buildings, warehouses, warehouses, logistics facilities, cold storages, heavy load carrier platforms, sports complexes, wedding halls, aircraft and helicopter hangars, market buildings, light steel commercial and residential structures. We exhibit our products in the showroom we created in our management, innovation and career center in Tuzla, Istanbul.

Apart from Istanbul, we provide sales services in some cities in Turkey and in the USA and Canada in the world.

We believe your dreams and we strive to realize your projects.

Our Mission

Our Mission

 We immediately start to reduce investment costs with transportation advantages and we provide international assembly convenience with our package solutions

35-45m Span Industrial Structures Series
45-60m Span Industrial Structures Series

Our Vision

We aim to blend the beginning of successful studies with dialogues, consultations, ideas, to produce all your needs by projecting them in ISO 9001 standards and to have satisfied customer investments.

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